All Steven Baskar's products come with a 12 months manufacturer's warranty, plus a 12 month extended warranty from us. This gives you a full 24 months. If you believe any item is defective or damaged in transit, we sincerely apologies. Please contact us immediately at info@stevenbaskar.com. Someone from our customer support team will discuss with you and process your warranty claim if your item arrived damaged or not-functioning.

Any water damage to the timepieces is not covered under warranty, as we strongly recommend not submerging the pieces in water, or exposing them to water. They are water resistant however warranty does not cover water damage. Thank you for understanding. Battery changes are not covered under warranty, strap damage from use is not covered, If ever any small components are damaged due to every-day wear, those are also not covered. 



All limited edition collections are non-refundable (change of mind), as there is a strictly limited amount of stock and once they are sold out, they are sold out. We are unable to re-sell them again.



We are always happy to chat and give you a hand if needed. Please contact us at info@estevenbaskar.com or (TEXT) our customer support at +61 432 635 922 during business hours Monday-Friday. If the line is busy please leave a message or text so we can follow-up. Thank you!